Perkant už 20 Eur NEMOKAMAS standartinis pristatymas visoje Lietuvoje!

Shipping & Delivery

Shipping & Delivery

Free delivery in Lithuania is if the order is since 20 Eur.

Delivery by courier to the Curonian Spit is 32 Eur + VAT.

Delivery by DPD, OMNIVA, LP Express courier in Lithuania: 1-3 business days.

Delivery to DPD, OMNIVA, LP Express post offices in Lithuania: 1-3 business days.


Delivery of parcels up to 2 kg to EU countries (except Norway and United Kingdom) on all orders is 8,90 Eur.

Delivery of parcels from to 2 kg to 5 kg to EU countries (except Norway and United Kingdom) on all orders is 14,90 Eur.


Delivery of parcels up to 2 kg to Norway and United Kingdom on all orders is 14 Eur. 

Delivery of parcels from 2 kg to 5 kg to Norway and United Kingdom on all orders is 19,90 Eur. 


Delivery time 10-14 business days.


The day of collection (transfer for carriage) of the parcel is calculated as day 0. Please note that the delivery time of the parcels is preliminary and may vary depending on the season and / or other circumstances beyond the control of the sender. The term is calculated in business days.


Company may make use of various courier services in order to deliver Goods purchased by Buyers via the Website.

Before accepting the order, Buyer shall choose shipping method available for the Good to be sold.

Shipping fee is always added atop the price of listed Good as to be paid by the Buyers. Shipping fee may vary based on the Buyer’s geographical location and selected shipping method. Additional terms may apply for using chosen shipping services. Buyers are advised to always check them before placing an order.

After the Company and the Buyer enter into a contract for the purchase of Goods, the Company shall receive a confirmation of such transaction. After receiving such confirmation, the Company will ship sold Goods via one of the available shipping methods.

The Company will carefully prepare sold Goods for shipping so that they do not suffer any damage during the transit process.

In case the Company fails to dispatch the parcel within 5 (five) business days after receipt of confirmation of the transaction, Company shall be entitled to refund the purchase price to Buyer’s bank account.

Upon the Company dispatching the parcel, the Buyer will be provided with the details enabling them to track delivery of the parcel.

Buyers shall within 48 hours after delivery inspect received Goods and in case of any discrepancies with the listing description, create a complaint.

In case of a failure to deliver Goods to the Buyer, such will be returned to the Company, the costs for delivery and return of the package may be transferred to the Buyer.

Please note, that all packages are carried and delivered by Companies carrier partners and Company does not provide any carriage services itself.

Company shall not be responsible for sent parcels, packages and Goods which become lost or destroyed, or damaged by a shipping service provider and/or after delivery to a post-box or alike, unless otherwise clearly stated within specific terms applicable to separate shipping service offers (as may be provided to Buyers before publishing the listing).

When using postage services, terms and conditions of a particular provider may apply.

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